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Name:Jim Craig
Jim Craig is a young man with something to prove. He hails from the mountains of the Australian Snowy River country, and living there isn't something you just do; it's something you have to earn the right to do. No one's place is assured, and before Jim can take over working the land for his recently deceased father, he must prove himself a man. Otherwise, both the country and the hard people who call it home will swallow him alive.

While working in the forest, Henry Craig was trapped under a recently cut tree and trampled by brumbies, a herd of wild horses that run loose through the country. At his father's funeral, a group of local landowners charge Jim with spending time in the lowlands to prove himself a man before returning to his homestead and one supposes, acceptance. With the help of his father's business partner, Spur, he gets a job with one of the wealthiest cattlemen in Australia, a man who will push him in more ways than one.

Jim is earnest, forthright, and above all else, in love with the land. He knows the mountains like the back of his hand, but he very rarely boasts about that or any of his other talents. What most would consider bragging is, in him, just a simple statement of fact. This isn't to say he doesn't garner a certain amount of joy from turning the tables on people who give him a hard time; that's part of why he is so determined to succeed. However, he does so with honesty, determination, a quiet wit and a small, amused smile -- almost as if he isn't trying at all.

He never shies from hard work. It’s bred into his bones and gives him purpose. Each log he splits or horse he cools down is another step closer to working his own land again. Complaining is just not something he does. He very rarely loses his temper, unless someone is outright insulting his family, his heritage or otherwise directly keeping him from his goals: earning the right to call himself a mountain man and tracking down the horses that trampled his father. He's after the brumbies because one of their own horses, a mare lent to them by Spur, escaped with them that day. It won't sit right with Jim until he can return the horse to Spur. Such is his honest streak. That honesty, even temper and determination of his, however, will be tested by the land, a woman and an opportunity to retrieve the brumbies.

Jim is eighteen years of age, with the strong and compact body of a mountain man who has worked the land all of his life. He has sandy blond hair and a near constant tan that speaks of time outdoors. It's rare to see him without his hat and duster. His most notable feature is a pair of bright and honest blue eyes.

He has a thick Australian accent and tends to speak in a low, quiet voice.

Jim Craig is from the 1982 Australian film The Man from Snowy River and Australian bush poet Banjo Paterson's 1890 poem by the same name, and is the property of Fox Film Corporation and the poet's estate. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Tom Burlinson belongs to himself.

**As I am working him through canon, any entries tagged as such will likely contain situations and/or dialogue from the movie.

ICON CREDIT: 99% of Jim's icons were made by Gareth, because he has screen capping fu and was nice enough to help a girl out.

Jim was originally located at [ profile] snowy_river_man.
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